Video Projects > Hot Mess Series, 2012

Hot Mess Series
These are a series of videos that confront the judgement placed on women of a certain age and especially women of colour who have not conformed to what society expects of them. Within each video I am seen dancing by myself in a different environment and each scenario represents a different judgement placed on women. In one I am seen dancing inside of an empty gallery ("Irrelevant") this video is a critic of the art institution and how women of colour are kept outside of the institution. One confronts the judgement of women in social situations ("Shameful") and the final video deals with judgements placed on women inside their own homes ("Unsuitable").
The titles of each video are in quotations as this is the judgement that that each piece is confronting.
Within a gallery setting each video will be displayed on a different monitor placed on the floor. Each video is the same length (3mins 30secs) therefore each will begin and end at the same time. The viewer listens to the audio of each through head sets. This makes the installation both a private and public experience.