My New Project

I am excited to be starting a new project and I need your help! I want you to share your stories of migration with me! Humans have always migrated to new lands - whether it is for survival or to experience a new place. Unfortunately, the political climate in the USA and around the world has become such that governments are closing doors to newcomers and seeing them as hostile enemies. My new project is a way to counteract this hostility by sharing stories of travel. I would like you to mail me stories of your personal, parents and grandparents migrations. The final piece will be in two parts: The letters will be bound into a book and I will place decorated paper boats on top of the envelopes that the letters came in, this signifies the journey. The second will be a large floor installation.

I would like to collect 1001 stories: they can be long or short, contemporary stories or ones from generations ago. I just ask that you mail each one as a separate letter.

Please mail the letters to:
Mona Kamal
257 Nostrand Avenue Box 522
Brooklyn, NY 11205